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Villa de Frazier, Los Angeles. Arc Design Group.

Fauth residence, CO. Yunker Associates Architecture.

Cairo, Egypt
Some 240 years ago, a man named Al-Fishawy began serving coffee to his friends in Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili district each evening after prayers. Today, this quintessential Cairene Cafe sits deep in the center of the maze of passageways that comprise the Khan El-Khalili Bazar.  All day and all night, people pour into El-Fishawy.  They sit at the little tables and drink coffee. mint tea, mango juice and smoke apricot shisha - all served by waiters wearing the same stripped sweaters, who thread their way through an overflow of customers, shoppers and shopkeepers pushing their way past the tables. I went knowing that it was once the hangout of one of my favorite authors, Nagib Mahfouz (Palace Walk/Cairo Trilogy).  I left thinking El-Fishawy is Cairo - more than the Pyramids, the Citadel, or Tahrir Square.  (From May, 2011). 

House from Cartagena by Zé Eduardo… on Flickr.
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